Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family and Love 11/20/09

There is something about watching your children sleep. There is definitely angelic about them. It's as if they are perfect little cherubs. I have been twice (actually 3 Momma luvs u Baby Boy) blessed with wonderful children. My life had little to no meaning til I had children. When I hold them, kiss them, hug them, hear them laugh, cry, even argue I smile. They are the lights of my life. They brighten even the darkest room. They are my joy! Even when we found out about Megan and what would one day come to be I have never waivered in devotion to either of my children. I love them both equally and whole heartedly. What I don't understand is favortism. The thought of favoring one child over the other really irks me to the core. Each of my children are polar opposites. If you looked up opposites in the dictionary their pictures would be sitting there as an example. I love them for their individuality and their uniqueness. But even as I write this their are people out there who still show favortism. Who am I to sit and judge them? I am far from the "perfect June Cleavers" of the world. I make mistakes along the way. I hope my children don't one day hold those mistakes against me. I hope I learn from those mistakes and am becoming a better person and parent because of them

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