Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love Stories 11/20/09

Each day I awaken with your name on my lips I rise to feel your good morning kiss. My heart beats in unison along side of yours our love radiates through me straight to my core we have had hardships and struggles these past 10 years we conquered many battles many struggles and fears, nothing has ever been able to keep us apart for long because a love like ours stays constant and strong, when I said before God our family and friends that I would stand beside you until the very end I meant what I said in each and every vow those feelings have never waivered even knowing what I know now, I wouldn't change one thing about you you are the half that makes me whole the emotion that I feel for you burns out of control I will always stand beside you resilient and proud even blind and deaf I could find you in a crowd so as you leave today to spend time out in the world know that I'll be home waiting for you your wife your love your girl! I love you Matthew Jason Rust Happy 10 year anniversary! You have never failed to make me laugh and smile and because of you I never gave up on love! Lissa Grace

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