Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love laughing so thanks 04/18/10

To all my friends who make me laugh this is for you. To the besties in my life who have seen me do the stop it or I'm gonna pee dance this is for you.....Thank you for the laughs without you I would've lost my smile. Thank you for the giggles late at night and for NOT curing the insomnia because the giggles woke me up. (Natalie) Thank you for sledding with me on hardly any snow with a tub lid and then just pushing me down the hill cuz I needed a swift kick in the ass to get me going (shannon & alicia) Oh yea I taste shit (s&a again) Thank you for pushing me into the nastiest pond in the world with my mouth open (matt & justin) (ps hey Nat I still think they wanted us to shower together) I still laugh just on the memories. HEY "T"onya thanks for the pictures of matt snuggled up with hanna montana I blew it up and it's got a girly frame I laugh everytime I see it hehe Oh yeah and everytime I see you I laugh cause you married John and there ain't nothing you can do to make me not laugh at him. Jamie well girl I laugh at Mr Mom Jr after he took the happy pills and at the waterslide, the mudslides, and camping trip where Lily tried to commit suicide. Shanna I laugh at Gold Star and you laugh cause you didnt stop me from dating Shaun Kirby lol Manda I laugh at using my fake nails for...... thats all I'm saying. Nellie ah Nellie the things we've laughed at. My dad's Jack Daniels, "Hanna there's a train coming" matt's ass, your ass, but never my ass nope always my chichis lol My list could go on and on But I'm gonna stop here cuz its getting hard to laugh and type love 2 you all.......muah&hugs,LG

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