Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its my life Dad Written October 26 2009

Sometimes you can't always be Daddy's Little Girl

My life is my business please mind your own My family is everything to me and so is my home I am a grown woman Im no longer a girl Ive grown up and went out and made a new world I never thought I could hate you but Ive come pretty close you decided to leave us when we needed you most you made your choice now lie in your bed I hope shes that perfect person youve formed in your head you abandoned your children though emotionly youve always been gone yet you sit there and judge me like taking care of my family is so wrongyou blame my husband for ruining my life sorry hes not more like your so called perfect lil wife if your the definition of a father then webster surely got it wrong becuz a TRUE father stands up for you tall and strong gas money to see your grandkids ten minutes down the road thats a bunch of bull shit but drive to dayton for a joy ride gimme a break Dad you havent seen Hanna since June or her kids since May whatcha got to say to that Nothing becuz then that wovld mean you would have to show emotion I hope for Buffs sake you never do to her what you did and continue to do to her sisters its your loss my girls have a GREAT POPPEE to take your place and that is NOONES fault but your own Im sorry its this way but you choose to believe a habitual liar over my word to you Ive NEVER lied to you before why would I start now so Peace Out Dad the woods in your hand build the bridge back by yovr DAMN self you had no problem burning it by yourself and if you find yourself worn and tired have her help you cuz Im DONE CYOTF Grace

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