Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Love 01/10/10

Each day is a challenge, to keep my heart open wide, an obstacle to over come, to keep the dreams alive. A long time ago I met you, a long time ago I gave you my heart but here recently I've forgotten to keep the past and the present apart. There are things I would do over, and there are things I wish I could change but loving you is a part of me something that fate prearranged. Next month is something special, next month marks the time, that I became forever yours, and you became forever mine. I have never felt this excited to make it to this milestone, our lives have changed so much yet we've managed to not permanently break up our home. We are stronger than we've ever been and yes maybe slightly crazed but no one can stop what we feel towards eachother not even some 7 yr phase. So in two years time we'll walk the path we both chose to walk before and and all I can say is I love you Baby and you'll never love me more ~LG~

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