Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Good friends come and bad friends go, and great friends stick by you no matter what they may know; (lol) i have the best besties in the world, yup no others can compare, they stay with you and grow old with you, and one day dye your gray hair; they listen to you laugh and cry, never for a moment think to flee, they fight with you and sing with you, no matter how off key; (lmao) they talk to you and joke with you, and cheer you up when you are sad, they stand by you and fight by you, and will box any bitch that makes you mad; (i told u i got this) my besties are the bestest, please dont you get shitty, cuz my besties are the best besties, and yours surely ain't as witty; (hehe haha) they maybe sarcastic, and quick tempered too, but they cry with me, laugh sing and dance with me, and they sure as shit aint you!!!; (insert evil laugh here muahahaha) but 4 real and on the down low, ima pretty luck chick, cuz i surely got the bestest besties, than any other bitch!!!!!! MUAH LISSA

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