Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happiness 05/09/10

Looking back over the years I have to admit I've made some horrendous mistakes. Despite those mistakes I have turned those mistakes around and turned them into something good great even. I thought after Highschool I would go to an awesome 4 yr college and from there to med school. That I would live in a big city practice medicine in a prominent hospital. Eventually meet and marry the man of my dreams and maybe have kids but more likely have a dog instead. That I would live in a loft style apartment and vacation abroad. Those were my goals those were my hopes and dreams. Boy am I a far cry from that. I waited to go to school but I still went and ended up not as a physician but as an assitant. Yes I live in a big city but I've also lived in the country. In many different states. I do have a dog but I also have two great amazing kids! I am married to the man of my dreams but life with him has not been easy. No one ever said it would have been easy. So you see, with each decision we make it affects our entire future. Life is hard very hard but it is also very rewarding. I would walk to hell and back for my family. I would go thru everything all over again just to live the same life and the same outcome. I believe each day is a challenge and its up to us to accept those challenges. What path we choose is up to us no matter how difficult that decision is for us. So to whoever is reading this. I am not perfect nor is my life but my life is perfect for me and I wouldn't have it any other way! PS- ON FEB 8, 2012 I WILL BE GETTING REMARRIED, MATT ASKED AND I SAID YES! SO HERES TO LOVE, LIFE, MARRIAGE, CHILDREN, FAMILY, EARNING A DECENT LIVING, HAVING A PLACE TO CALL HOME, A WONDERFUL PUPPY DOG, AND SOME INCREDIBLY AWESOME FRIENDS TO SHARE IT ALL WITH!!!!!

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