Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Mudslides 11/15/09

okay due to popular demand I am going to devote this ENTIRE blog to Jamie and our/her mudslides! lol!!! Mudslides are good the best drink in the world you can drink them in the morning with this wonderful girl she is sweet and awesome her name is jamie and if the mudslides get you drunk remember her name is NOT Amy (lmao) mudslides taste great in coffee or with fudge swirled ice cream and if your not laughin right now then you aren't gettin what I mean (so corny) you can drink them in a cup you can swallow 'em in a shot and if you live in Washington you'll NEVER have to drink them when its HOT! So come freezing rain or some rare freak sunshine get yourself some mudslides and STAY AWAY FROM HERS AND MINE!!!! HA.FOOKIN.HA!!!! LissaSays loves ya SimpleGal!!!

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