Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thoughts 11/30/09

There are steps we take in life, that take us down a different road, far from the one we planned on taking, one with a heavier load; We don't realize the mistakes we made, until the moment its to late, we figure things were out of our hands, and we chock it up to fate; There many moments in this lifetime, when the clouds start to roll away, when the clarity of our decisions, force us to change ourselves or stay; But how easy is it really, to leave behind all that you know, to discard the memories that made you who you are, and to uproot your life and find someplace else to grow; When you wake up one morning, unhappy with who you are, and you find yourself clinging, to that bright falling star; who do you turn to, to help undue what was done, so that your mind stops its racing, and your heart no longer wants to run; When your family doesn't really, or even truly understand, because even though they've got you, you could slip right through there own busy hands; You no longer want to be a burden, or to have any burdens of your own, when all you want to do, is leave and find a place like home; So tell me what you do, when you have finally seen the light, do you stay in the land of illusion, or do you go left or right? Make the decision for yourself, no one else will choose it for you, follow your inner person, and take the road thats best for you.

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