Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Your Making Us Laugh Written October 24 2009

Laughter sounds the same in any language

People are amusing lol They believe shit that isnt true They think they know the every aspect of my marriage but they only hear what they want to hear even though their sources are slutty drug addicted liars. So once and for all let me set u straight. We get along great hell we dont even argue we have no secrets I know EVERYTHING! Its time for everyone to grow up n move on we have so u all need 2 leave it alone maybe u all luv livin in DRAMAVILLE but we like our quiet serenity so just give it up u are just amusing us and makin complete n total dumb shits out of yourselves those who are our TRUE friends and family know us best they see us as we are two imperfect people who love each other who make mistakes who laugh cry smile and hurt we do our best for our kids and each other even when others try to hinder our actions We dont give up or give in we grow up and go on those that see that and support that are the IMPORTANT ones everyone else are just like flies slightly annoying but otherwise unimportant and easily squashed so like I stated earlier if u arent true to us u truly dont exist to us MUAH XOXO LISSA

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