Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HATE Written November 6 2009

If you were really honest with yourself you would realize like I have that it is okay to hate something that you can't change and even God will forgive you for it.

I hate this disease and what it can do i wish id never even heard of ml 2 what happens to our babies what this disease does takes our laughter away takes away our loves when you have a child who is free of disease you think of all the possibilities of what they may one day be but then you find out something went horribly wrong and your healthy lil angel is no longer strong who do you find to take the blame how do you find the master of this sick selfish game for there are no do overs no rerolling of the dice so how do you pretend everything is great in your life i wish there was a magic wand to take ml away to erase it from my memory a word that ive never learned to say (unfinished) Grace

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